dealsbrother hl-2240 mono laser printer for $59.98


Replacement toner is not too expensive:

$29.99 toner, $44.99 drum unit.

Sometimes with these discount printer deals, the cartridges are more than the printer.


It comes with the drum unit, and you can get replacements on for about $30 (Apparently you need a new drum maybe after every few toner cartridges). Comes with a "starter toner" which is good for 700 pages. You can also get replacement toner here
for about $20 and is good for 2400 pages. You may even find cheaper replacement cartridges.

For you unfamiliar with Brother- on most of the toner cartridges, there is a 'window' where the printer checks the ink level. If you black out this window or cover it, the printer will continue to print with low ink, and sometimes you can get hundreds of pages more from the cartridge!
I have a brother HL-2170w and I am quite happy with its performance


It's a really reliable, quick mono printer. I only wish there was a price this good on the Wireless version (HL-2270DW)


I have been using the HL-2270DW for over 3 years without even a hiccup. I've seen it under $90 on sale at Newegg, Staples and Office Depot. As mentioned above, it has wireless built-in. But the biggest advantage I use is the automatic duplex printing (prints on both sides of the paper). It's a no brainer IMO. Pass this up, and wait for the 2270 to go on sale.

It's actually on sale right now at Staples for $99, but I've seen it cheaper several times.


@yooder: I paid 70 bucks for my wireless one a month ago from Amazon


I bought this printer about a year ago for $99 and have loved it. Good quality, fast, and reliable.


Got this for $60 a little over a month ago and I'm loving it. I do wish it was wireless-enabled, but I really have no complaints.


For the record, PC Mag loved it at $120.,2817,2374111,00.asp

They mention a few weaknesses, but overall, they raved about it.
They rated it as "Excellent" and made it an editors choice.


I love Brother printers, but I cannot EVER recommend the models that end in 40.

These are "host-based" printers, meaning that they don't have a built-in PCL interpreter so rendering a print job is offloaded to the PC. That's no longer a big deal, performance-wise, but it means huge headaches w/r/t compatibility. The cheapest model that ends in 70 (in any given product cycle) usually retails for an extra $40-50, but they go on sale all the time. For the extra few bucks you'll get a built-in network print server and full compatibility with the LaserJet 4, which means you can print to it from everything.

(Also: Brother makes awesome printers, but their drivers tend to suck. The HP LaserJet II/III/4/5 drivers are some of the most thoroughly-tested, rock-solid bits of software ever written. Use them.)


Came here to post the little trick as well. I got approximately 1500 MORE pages out of my "starter" toner with a ripped up piece of paper over that thing. Toner cartridges for them are cheap too anyways. I've got probably 15k pages printed on my Brother 2240 and its still going strong (did require a couple toner cartridges though)

edit: whoops mine is a 2040, looks the exact same though, and performs the same functions mostly....