dealsborn to hula "ghost of ancho" hot sauce - 5oz…


Take 10% off the price and I'll agree that it's a deal. Otherwise, it's what you'd pay from Born to Hula's site.


@zuiquan: The main reason for posting the sauce here on deals.woot was to increase brand exposure for a great product!

However, for those of you who would like a little extra incentive, you can always use the "Share to Save" feature on the product page and get 5% off any product!


@keyporthobbies: Have you personally tasted this particular sauce? Any tasting notes?


@zuiquan: I have tasted all of the other Born to Hula flavors, including the Habanero Aancho sauce that this is based off of. They are all really good. However the Ghost of Ancho I have not yet tried, but I will be bringing a bottle home tonight to taste.

I may not be a sommelier of hot sauces, able to pinpoint exact flavor notes. But I can say that Born to Hula does pay attention close attention to flavor rather then just extreme heat. Many Habanero based sauces just provide burn with a nasty vinegar aftertaste. Not so with Born to Hula.