dealsivory original 16-count: bath size bars for $3.29…


What gives?
I clicked the link and it's $17.49.


I think it's only for prime members as an add on to the cart - if you check the "7 new from 3.99" link it shows this.


This soap is great for fishing because it floats!


This is an "add-on" item. Add-on Items ship with orders that contain $25 of items shipped by Amazon. If you add this to your cart it will read "Your Cart currently contains $3.99 of items shipped by Amazon." and then you will have to buy $21.01 of more things.


I have a prime account and the price is $17.49


My prime membership is also $17.49. What's going on here??????


It is an add on item. Click the link where it says 7 others for 3.99 below the item. Then choose 3.99. You need to order something else for $25 to get it at this price.


First off its only for prime memebers and read the fine print...

Amazon has a program called "add on" where they will give you something irt cheap but you need to spent x amount which is normally 25.00.....

So if you add this to shopping cart and buy 25 bucks worth other crap then it will drop to 3.99


Because Ivory tastes better than Lifebouy, but still horrible enough to get the job done.


When I was a boy scout, we used to use our pocket knives to make carvings/whittlings out of soap. I always used Ivory and carved a would never float upright though :-/


As recommended by Marilyn Chambers.


An explanation:

Amazon itself is out of stock.
The $17.49 is from a 3rd party seller.

If Amazon still had it in stock, you'd be able to set it up as a "subscribe and save" item and have it shipped free, regardless of your Prime status.

Since it is out of stock, you cannot set it up as "subscribe and save" and therefore, if you want it, you have to buy $25 worth of stuff.


It pulls up as $3.99 for me, though yes, as an add-on.


For you non-finders of the offer, enter dove soap 16 count add on in the Amazon search box.


@curli76: Amazon shows it as in stock at 7:05 EDT.


It's also available for a subscription - $3.79, with subscription discount.


Nice deal - exactly the soap I use, and it was just going on my shopping list.

As Bill7188 said, "Do the subscribe and save thing." I did, and got it for $3.79 (I missed the .50 coupon).