dealslevi’s friends & family sale: 30% off sitewide…


30% off = capris

60% off = cut-offs

80% off = jorts

90% off = daisy dukes

I'm thinking L-S needs to unhipsterize if they want me to spend retail dollars. I see the one pair of "made in the USA" jeans are on offer for $200. I'd pay $100 for a pair if they'd bring all their manufacturing back to the US.

In the meantime I'll keep buying vintage Levis at the thrift for less than $10 per pair.


30% off of full list is no bargain. I can get them for less (usually 50% off) at any outlet mall.


@olperfesser: Agreed. Any Jcpennys, Sears, even Macy's typically have these for much cheaper.

I get 511's, most of which are about $55 after using the code. I get them in the mall for about $35-$45.


I bought them before I read the comments. I suppose if I paid attention to prices at JCPenney, I could find a better deal, but last time I bought 559s there, they were $50. And the deal that was on here a few weeks ago was not as good as this one (I believe it was 20% off and shipping was not free).

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the price; I paid $33 total.


Way too much slim-fit stuff.

At a time when 1/3 of the US is obese, does marketing tons of slim-fit make any sense?

Not just Levi's, but everyone in general.


@zollars23: It's not really that they have too much slim stuff, but how much can you do with a straight cut/boot cut jean besides making it out of selvedge denim or changing the colors and shades? As for slim there are many more options slim straight 514, skinny 511, and then the skinner ones then you get into the higher quality denim's that are tapered and made in usa. Also, "slim is in" and has always been much more fashionable than a straight or boot cut jean, so they market towards those who care about what they wear and are willing to pay the extra for the style. While, those who don't care as much about fashion and what not usually tend to fall into other jean brands like wrangler or lee, which are mostly straight cut.