dealssandisk ultra 16gb microsdhc class 10 30mb/s…


I always pass when the micro SD card does NOT include a micro SD to SD adapter.


Should also be noted it is about $5 shipping, per card. Was gonna get two, but ~$10 shipping kills the deal.


@thosemeddling: But since these cards are so big and heavy, it actually does cost double to ship them. After all, you know they'll come in separate shipping cartons. It would never be an attempt to make their profit margin higher. Never.


Couldn't you just put it on a postcard and put the SD card under the stamp?


Might as well list it for $1 and shipping for $16.99

What a bleeping bargain


Got to be suspicious when the seller is also the poster. And nice that you have to sign up for an account before you can see the shipping cost.


I like these cards and use them a lot, but I can always find them on ebay for around $17 from US sellers in retail packaging with an adapter.


Amazon has this for $14.99 and it qualifies for the >$25 order free super saver shipping.