dealsocean's eleven, ocean's twelve & ocean's thirteen…


This has been on Amazon for the same price as well- I was a sucker there, but of course it was out of stock and has yet to ship.

Review seem to indicate the Blu-ray quality left something to be desired, and could be the reason for the cheap prices.


Says not available for shipping in checkout :S


The $9.99 one on Amazon is 1.77:1 aspect ratio (=16:9). The one at Best Buy is 2.40:1. This is considered to be the "Widescreen Edition." To get the widescreen edition blu-ray from Amazon, you have to bump up to $15.49.


Best Buy has the product but you have to go the store to get! The promo says, "Free Shipping" what a waste of time here. One more store I will never do business with. Wake up Best Buy...everyone is eating your lunch...knuckleheads!

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@tinkerer4: That has to be a misprint. All of the Blu-rays of Ocean's movies are the same. It's just different packaging.


It's not a misprint, I saw this in person while in the store a few weeks ago. All three movies are $9.99 total (not each).


Not available for shipping. I'd drive to Best Buy and get it but the distance isn't worth the savings.