deals30% off for kohl's credit card holders


so how do you get the coupon to use at the store and not online?


This is a little deceiving because you can click on the YES PLEASE to can print out a 20% coupon to use at the store but the only way to possibly get the 30% is from the mailer that was sent to your house. (mine was only 20%)


Use code SHIP4UJAN for free shipping. It is stackable.


If you have a 20% coupon, coupled with 10% for using your card, you get a 30% discount. That's why they say it is for card holders only - they expect you to use your Kohl's Card!


I have a Kohl's credit card, but I always end up throwing the mailers away. If you tell the cashier while you are at the checkout that you received the 30% off mailer but forgot it at home, they will give it to you. I have done this several times. They explained to me that if someone says they got the coupon, they have to give it to them. My mom does this now as well, and neither of us have ever been turned down.