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@danieleg: When I said " I hand typed the CA Prop 65 Label."
I meant to say, I went to the trouble of typing the label info into a comment at Meritline product page for the rings. I guess they only allow positive comments. Cancer is not very positive....but they should give you the warning BEFORE the purchase. NOT when it gets to the house.


I see they deleted my comment at Meritline.
I bought 2 of these a few weeks ago and was shocked to see a Cancer Warning sticker on the wrapper. I hand typed the CA Prop 65 Label. If you are interested you can download the complete EXCEL list, HERE:

Meritline didnt explain to me exactly which carcinogenic chemical is included.
If you are in a red state, you may not even get the little sticker.

Also, the rings are NOT inscribed on inside diameter, contrary to the picture.


Size 10....I suppose I could use a pinky ring.


@pinfar: I got one a while ago. It's the second and third picture that you get. Still nice, but not as nice as they want you to believe. No engraving on the inside, just the outside. That first picture could almost constitute fraud! LOL


@tarasadies: For me, it automatically selected "Ground Expedited Service" for $1.99, but I was able to change it on the "How" page below the payment method to free regular "Ground Service". I don't know if that's what you're seeing, but yes, they did try to automatically upgrade shipping.


Three pictures, and it looks like a different ring in each picture. I don't know what you'll get, but I bet it's not the wide fully engraved ring in the first picture.


@tarasadies: Care to share what the problem was? You have me curious now.


I don't think the shipping will be free. These are delivered by foot.


Sigh... I figured it out. I hate graveyard shifts, they leave you dense in the a.m....


@cengland0: Yes, I see it... I am just trying to figure out how to get it. It wants to charge me $1.99. Thanks for trying to help.


@tarasadies: Great, someone down voted me instead of explaining to me where the free shipping is. I tried to purchase one of these and it charges me S&H. Any help out there?


@tarasadies: When you go to the page, don't you see the following image:


Can I use it to disappear when the boss comes around?


This deal is.....PRECIOUS!!


Forged in the fires of China warehouse.


@misry: The gold one is the ring to control them all.


They are offering them in gold and silver and sizes 8 and 10. Therefore this is not the one ring.