dealssmallville: the complete series on dvd for $114…


I'm going to comment on the series and not the deal. This is a solid deal ~$12/per season.

The series on the other hand, was good for about 3-4 seasons then jumped the damn shark. By the time you reached the payoff, you'd rather have the time you invested back. You know what kept Clark Kent grounded for 10 seasons? Feels! He couldn't fly because of goddamn, muthalovin feels. "Oh I'm conflicted between my human and cryptonian sides"


@trandabear: Oh, but he was still oh-so-nice to look at! (I'm old, but I'm not dead.)


I did start to get angry around season 6, but you gotta' go the distance.

Plus I was team Kristin Kreuk, but Erica Durance started to bring it after I got over my Kreuk crush.

A good deal for those who like Super Man, and zoning out for a full weekend to burn a whole season.