dealsblockbuster express - 7 movie rentals for free


Great deal, too bad it is hard to find these things :-(


How can you down vote a free code?


@irongobbo: Still not a good reason to vote down.


The vote down must be waiting for the code that pays them to get the vids.


Why though are they charging (without the code, of course) $2.99 for a dvd for a day when RedBox is only $1.00 flat? Does it have to do with the how new the movie is to dvd? It's RottenTomatoes rating? Greed?


@boredmaster: It's for "hot titles" which is basically new to BBX/new to DVD movies.

BUT here's something I do to ALWAYS GET FREE $1 MOVIES FROM BBX. Ok so they say that if a "hot title" is unavailable, just text in a word to 39777 for a free code, but it's obviously not going to know which kiosk you're at or if the title is really sold out. So just click on any "hot title" (i.e. Source Code) and in the description it will show the word to send if that title is unavailable (i.e. for Source Code the word is "CODE"). So just text CODE to 39777 and in about a minute you will get a code for a free $1 movie. I do it for 2 different movies and use 2 different credit cards for each code so I get 4 free movies per day from BBX (as long as I return them on time of course.)


Be careful with these... I used a free code last week, and they charged my credit card $1.00 anyway (even though my order total clearly stated $0.00, and it was returned on time). Still waiting for them to credit me back... I'm not saying don't use the code, but check your CC statements a few days later to verify that it really was free.


@sonofademon: u really actually called to tell them about a charge that was 1.00 and should have been 0.00? wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. no wonder your browsing 1.00 rentals lol


@jayrookie: Some of us focus more on the principle of the matter. We won't tolerate being screwed, whether it's out of $1 or $100.


@proxgotsthafia: What about abusing free codes and screwing a company's marketing campaign?

He paid a $1 for a movie and spent $5 bucks in gas driving there, then complained about the $1 fee. LOL.


@mattr9367: If the company is fine running a campaign wherein THEY can screw themselves, that's their prerogative. That must not be the case here, as the promotion would be halted if it were. Likely, after a certain number of free movies are given away the promotion will automatically end.

Blockbuster knows it will be giving away free movies. sonofademon didn't know he would be charged.

I'm not sure where these "$5 in gas" claims are coming from. I have a Blockbuster kiosk on my way home, though, so it costs me maybe $0.05 in gas to use one.


@proxgotsthafia: "If they're comfortable running a website that is so susceptible to hacker attacks..." Your justification sounds eerily familiar and morally questionable. Are you the kinda person who doesn't tip because they don't have to?


@boredmaster: You rode the short bus to school, didn't you?


@boredmaster: That quote is not something I ever said. Did you mean to reply to someone else?


I actually tried all 7 today and they are all dead.