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@firerouge: you'd be suprised how much 2.1 systems can cost


If you care enough to get into 3D (purchasing a TV & glasses separately), why go with a sound system that's only 2.1 (especially at this price)? In my opinion, you would be much better off buying a 5.1 home theater in a box or putting this $540+ towards a handpicked receiver and speakers.

This is setting you up to get the best picture, but sound that is very lacking.


2.1 is great for rooms where you don't set up a main TV. 2.1 would be perfect for a bedroom or if you have two living areas. I have my big TV and sound system in the basement and a smaller TV upstairs. 2.1 is ideal for my upstairs setup since I will never do a complete surround system in that room. But I wouldn't bother with 3D in with the smaller TV.

@proxgotsthafia: I forgot to add that I agree with you. If going all out with 3D, might as well go big with the sound as well.