dealsnew samsung 840 series 250gb 2 5" sata iii solid…


Good deal, but be warned that the included software is useless if you want to clone your system drive. Grab Macrium Reflect for that!


If you haven't done SSD yet, you are really missing out. I installed my first SSD on my XP laptop about a year and a half ago. My boot up time went from 4 1/2 minutes to one minute 12 seconds! Since then I have installed these on two more computers in my household. Installation was simple, clone the drive (I used Acronis) then pull out the old hard drive, and put in the SSD. Every time the SSD booted up with no problem. In my WIN 7 computer it did some self adjustments and asked me to reboot the computer, then it came up perfectly and no problems ever since. SSD is the way to go! BTW, I have this particular model and it works fine.


@flyingwriter: Ditto. Bought this model as my first SSD and was blown away at the speed increase on both booting up and app opening on my MacBook Pro.


A 240GB Sandisk Extreme is only $10 more on Amazon and is a much better drive. The 840 wasn't an all around improvement over the 830.