dealsthe elder scrolls v: skyrim for playstation 3 for…


WARNING: This game should not be played by anyone who wants to sleep, go outside, go to work, or do anything productive within a 100-150 hour span.

All in all, great game, but seriously addictive, especially with a DLC expansion coming out soon.


It's a great deal, but why is it under their mobile deal part of their site? Did PS3s get wheels?


@captainsuperdawg: ...or more.

I'm at hour 156 and I've spent most of my time finishing (seemingly endless) Miscellaneous Quests, grinding skills to create uber weapons and armor and just open exploring/mountain climbing. I'm taking it easy to 100% completion and I'll gleefully spend 250+ hours to get there.

Me and Mjoll the Lioness are about to go slay some dragons now. Seriously, right now.

Buy this game.


It's not really a deal if you buy this instead of buying the GOTY release in a few months.


I started this, got about 12 hours in, then got sidetracked with Mass Effect 3. I just can't seem to make myself continue. I understand about the whole "open world" thing, but it seems just too unfocused for me.



The Misc quests never end. There is a random quest generator that will create them an infinite number of times :D


I'm definitely going to get downvoted, but I have to say that I did not enjoy this game. It is exactly like Fable 3, an open world environment, you cast spells, use swords/hammers, bows, etc. Complete Quests, customize your character.

Play the original Open world RPG, Play Fable 3, it's much better IMO.



Condition: Certified Pre-Owned
Packaging: Retail
Warranty: 90 Day


@chabala: That depends if you plan on paying for DLC...this is $26 with shipping vs the GOTY edition which will be $60. If you don't plan on getting DLC anyway this is still way cheaper.


@haloman800: it is clear to me by your name that you are an xbox owner and stumbled in the wrong deal discussion. i would like to point out that fable is published by microsoft game studios and thus not available on ps3. which brings me to my real point...this deal is for PS3 only. dont expect the ability to choose a platform with this offer.


@superstover: I understand this is for PS3, and I considered mentioning in my post that Fable 3 is not available on PS3. I just wanted to let people know what Bethesda based there game on, and if they own an Xbox 360, Fable 3 would be a better choice.


@haloman800: since im bored at work, i'll bite. i have played fable 1, 2, and 3 as well as all of the elder scrolls. though i disagree with you that fable 3 is better, i do agree that they are both fantasy based games with many similarities. what i CANNOT agree on is that bethesda based *their game on fable 3 since elder scrolls: arena came out in 1994 and fable 1 came out in 2004. --but es: a was only on computer and wasnt open world-- yes youre right. in that case i'd like to cite elder scrolls iii: marrowind which came out in 2002. still two years before the fable franchise began…


@shadowknight125: I'll go one further though, and say that if you're like me, you can wait six months to a year after the GOTY edition is released, when it too is selling at a steep discount. Plus by that time, most of the critical bugs should be patched, if they still exist.