dealssony sdhc 16gb class 10 memory card, 22 mbps…


For this price, you may be getting a Chinese-made knock off SD card. It may work fine, but don't be surprised if the Sony (or an obviously fake Sony with poorly applied fake decals) arrives in the mail. I've experienced this multiple times now from bargain websites, although camera stores (like are generally more reputable. Just be aware of their return policy in case you don't get the real thing.


@scottydl: I disagree, Adorama is a pretty stand up company and I have never had a bad experience with products sold through them or their customer service. Plus, over 20 people have reviewed this memory card on the product page saying that it is a great product. If this was listed with a no name, fly by night website (... or eBay) then I could see where you are coming from, but it's not.