dealssave 20% off one item at harbor freight tools


ive bought a lot of stuff from hf in the past, and their 20% off coupons are a regular thing, but as long as you realize you are buying cheap tools, i doubt you will be very disappointed. I am a big fan of the silver 6x8ft tarp i got there for like $3, i also get their rolls of heat shrink tubing for electrical wiring.


I frequently shop at Harbor Freight and believe that it's a wonderful source for fairly good tools at super prices. This 20% coupon, however, is NOT what HF says it is! They say it's good for any item in the store...NOT SO. Look at the fine print and you will find that about ten categories of merchandise can not be purchased with this coupon. The stuff that can not be purchased represents the "meat" of the stuff folks are drawn to that type of store in the first place.


@acanarelli: You exaggerate a little. It excludes things such as floor jacks, welders, and compressors. Nothing is said about power tools, accessories, woodworking equipment, etc. etc. which is 99% of what I buy there. In fact, I don't think I've ever purchased any of the 'excluded' items before (other than sale items).


@taythegibs: Regarding "cheap tools":

Is a $10 HF tool as good as a $100 name brand? Decidedly not. Is the $100 tool 10x better? Most likely not.

I have a good mix of HF tools (including some large ones such as my drill press and band saw) and a lot of "good" brands as well. The quality difference is noticeable, but mostly in extra user features, not the quality of the work done. My band saw kicks a**, for example.


I just added this code to my shopping card and it said "Coupon 83634902 is expired."


@tsfisch: And a warranty is a warranty. I've cracked their ball joint separator, just like I broke one of Matco's. Both replaced by their respective seller, no questions asked, but I didn't have to track down a Harbor truck. You get exactly what's advertised, sometimes a little better. Understand that and there's no problems.


Expired - valid through 2/28/2013



Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit...but just a little bit. Having said that, you can't buy an item like a generator, or a replacement gas engine, nor can you use the coupon on any kind of tool storage cabinets and welders or ride on equipment. Oh yes, sorry to burst your bubble but you can't use the coupon on any compressor.


Get on their email list for regular coupons, I bought an airless paint sprayer last July 4th for $150, it's put on 60 gallons of paint/ stain. Have a 2" water pump that has been amazing, side walk sale for $100. Cheap ni/cad drills? have 3 and all the chargers burned out, so not everything is terrific as it is cheaper to buy a new one than a replacement charger.......


Why would you pay woot $1000 to be a featured deal, and then list an expired Coupon? Not a great business model to follow if you are interested in starting a company.


Just my $.02. I usually go one of two directions with tools: disposable, or the best I can get. HF falls into the former category. And what I mean by disposable is one of two things:

I buy them for a single project, and having them around later is a bonus, like when I needed a hammer drill to repair my front stairs. Not much call for boring holes in concrete on a regular basis. But, for $20, it did the trick.

or, I buy them knowing that I've bought something inexpensive, and am not surprised if it fails quickly. Like my $12 grinder. The motor is so out of balance that it beats the spring behind one of the carbon brushes flat on a regular basis. So, I open up the handy access port, stretch out the spring, put it back in, and use it some more. If it breaks, I put in a $.25 replacement from China, and keep going.

Seriously, they are like the Meritline of power and hand tools. It's just like everywhere else - you get what you pay for.

Expired sponsored deal is hilarious!!!


And another thing - they always exclude the compressors, welders, etc. from their %-off coupons.

You know what?

They always put that excluded stuff on sale anyway, or have coupons for them. And it's always a better deal! Seriously, who would use a 20% off coupon for a $180 item that regularly goes on sale for $90?

A complete aside - their 27 LED work lights are great! Especially on sale for $2.50. Got a bunch of them. Stick them up around the house when the power goes out for emergency lighting. Stick them to the inside of an appliance when I am tearing it apart.

Seriously - probably going to go to HF today on my lunch break. Just because.


That coupon is expired, but there is a new one good for March on their website. The new one is good in-store or on-line, with usual exclusions.


I have had great success with their stuff. their sawzall blades are better than bosch's.
I have had one of their $12 cordless drills for a couple years now and it works fine.
However,I bought a 1/2" x9' belt sander (4" grinder based) and it is useless. the glue on the belts melts as soon as you start using it. and no 'good" belts available. great idea- lousy Chinese execution.


I reached out to the retailer to see what has happened. The code should be live until 3/31.


@75grandville: Please don't get me wrong. HF is one of my favorite stores. I bought a 16 HP, 8,000 W generator at HF less than 2 years ago and it provided all our power needs during 2 storms, each of which left us without power for more than 1 week. The generator started quickly right out of the box, requiring only crankcase oil and fuel. It was the only thing which kept me and my family from complete insanity during the two storm outages (I already have more than 500 hours on it). Where can you buy this size generator for less than $600? Just last week I bought a large blast cabinet from Harbor Freight for $168 using the 20% off coupon. The American manufacturers sell a similar cabinet for $1,000...and this cabinet is also made in China.

In spite of the above, I still believe that HF should allow the use of the % off coupon on all their merchandise...It's good business.


@tsfisch: Oh, i definitely agree with you. I have a wide selection of tools; everything from snap-on to dollar store stuff, everything has a place in my tool kit.


It's not a point of either the 20% off, or item specific coupon with a higher percentage.

The 20% off coupons can be used on regular (as opposed to open box, sidewalk, etc) sale items.
But not if those sale items happen to be the excluded items in fine print.

So say you find an item you want, and it's on a regular sale, and it's not an excluded item.
In that case, there is no either/or decision between using the 20% coupon or getting the sale price, you can stack the 20% coupon on top of the regular sale price.