dealsrobocop trilogy on blu-ray for $15.99


This seems to be a quick and dirty DVD conversion, so if you already own a copy of them you may want to wait till the reboot and hopefully a remastered collection


Can I just get 1 & 2? I really don't want 3 in my house. Maybe I can open the package on my door step...


I'd rather keep the first one and throw the other two away.


While I can't speak for the picture quality of these blurays I have recently watched Robocop on one of the HD movie channels on DirectTV and while the picture hadn't been "remastered" it did look a lot better than DVD. Its an old movie and yeah its not going to look the greatest, but it just adds to the grittyness of the film.

Also while 2 and 3 don't stack up to the original they are still cheesy enough to enjoy when you want a nice pointless action movie to watch or for background noise.