deals50ft garden hose - save $15 for $19.99


Got 4 of these last time at the same price.
Worth well more than the $ paid.


They have a Lifetime Warranty also. If you happen to run over with your lawn mower or crush the nozzle, they replace for free!!!
I have one on every faucet at my house. Very heavy duty.


I picked up a few cheapo hoses at Lowes last summer that I haven't used. When I saw this deal last time I passed even though these are MUCH better. This time im gonna bite and just return the new ones to Lowes.

Thanks OP!


WARNING: Not to be used in any type of initiation ceremonies, as it may void the warranty.


In for one. I foolishly bought a 100 ft. hose from Costco several years ago and it's way more hose than I really need (plus it's become leaky in spots). And yes, I'm aware of Costco's generous return policy...but it's not worth the effort to drag it back to the store, plus I did get a few years of use out of it.


These are my favorite of the Craftsman hoses (the black rubber ones), but after a few years of dragging around 75', I feel the need to tell you how heavy these are and how hard they are to wind up. The 50 footer will no doubt be lighter though. If they were a little bit more flexible, I'd never complain. They do hold up well though; only brought back one that bubbled at the connection, and the replacement has been around for at least 5 years now.


The deal is over. It's now back to $35. Darn.