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I think they're finally hitting their price point. . . Windows RT / Mobile does a pretty good job of making the hardware seem more snappy than it is (especially after 8.1)-- except for some applications. Yeah I'm looking at you, iheartradio!


Out Of Stock..... Way to Go Staples...


I have one of these and it is pretty sad attempt at a tablet. The app store is anemic and what few top tier apps are available do not work half as well as their Android and Apple rivals. Go pro or stay away from the Surface.


This is basically just a toy. I purchased one 10 days ago from my local Wal-mart.

I saw "Windows" and incorrectly assumed I could install Windows programs. Nope. Can only install WIndow store apps.

I couldn't even access my e-mail through the browser, for some as-yet unknown reason.

I went to return it at Wal-mart today and even THEY didn't want it back, lol. I had to file a dispute with my credit card issuer.


@wholesaleforless: I don't understand why people do this. When you see the iPad do you assume you can install Mac OS programs? Both the iPad and the Macbook are both marketed as Apple products yet people don't seem to mix those up.


I would also agree that it is silly to think you could install full windows software on this.
Does he also think that windows phone is a full windows computer?

It is a nice tablet that works really well with a type cover.
Great for getting things done

Plenty of great apps for everything you need to do


Best buy has it for
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It's kind of jerky to hassle this guy for seeing Windows and thinking Windows. You don't see iPads marketed as "Mac OS RT" devices, they are iOS devices. Just because you are tech savvy enough to understand the difference doesn't mean everybody is.


@klein103: Best Buy doesn't include the Touch Cover at that price ($199.99).


This video review blew me away in what the Microsoft Surface RT can do.

The guy also made a Part 2 video:

I wound up buying a Surface RT from Best Buy on Black Friday, and after updating the OS, I'm having a lot of fun exploring all of its tricks. For $199, this thing was a deal.