dealsharbor freight - parking lot sale up to 85%


Wish I had seen this two days ago.


@nb109: Take your receipt in and ask them if they'll offer you the discount retroactively, at least in store credit. Many stores will, if the purchase was in the same week.

If they're dicks about it (prob not; HF isn't usu like that!), ask for a refund, then buy it anew at the sale price.


@nb109: Their coupons- at least the printed ones- are good for up to 30 days AFTER the purchase as well. I've seen stuff too late and they make it nothing more than a minor hassle.


If I buy one of these parking lots, will they deliver, install, and haul my old parking lot away?


@joemarfice: Sadly, this company has usually been a dick about this, in my experience. Customer service? They really don't understand what that means. It took getting up to a district manager before I could just exchange a torque wrench that was defective.


@skunkmonkey: I've had the opposite experience but I'm sure it varies store to store. I had a defective air compressor and had no problem returning it. My biggest gripe is their antiquated computer systems for the checkouts that seems to crash a lot and not be able to handle complex transactions.


how do you ship a parking lot?


no no you've all got it wrong, this is a sale of stuff that is left in the parking lot. All I could ever find is other stores' shopping carts


@mtw1057: Yes, but they will charge you for all the Harbor Freight tools that they break in the process - and the cost of disposal of same.

So really, you're better off buying your parking lot from someone else. Besides, this parking lot only has a 1 year warranty.


I bought my parking lot on shipping with Prime.


I'll just wait and see if I can get my parking lot in a Bag of Crap.


I'd get this, but I need a WHOLE parking lot, not just 85% of one. Pffft.