dealsevga geforce gtx 480 (fermi) 1536mb gddr5 for…


Currently ranked as the #5 video card on the market, with a street value of $250. Very good deal.


This is a very good price for a card that is one of the better performing cards available. I have the GTX 570 OC and paid alot more. In short this is the best performance for your buck. If I was building another computer or upgrading this would def be the card I'd choose. Also, although im not bias, I trust EVGA and they have never let me down.


Just FYI, TigerDirect has adjusted their price to match. And, for once, no rebates are involved:

Just saying, in case one or the other goes OOS, or someone has store credit with TigerDirect/CompUSA to burn.


I was actually on the fence about getting this deal, but I knew it was a good one.

I just bought it after learning of how it places in the market currently. This is going to be an awesome upgrade from a 8800GTX, I can't wait!


@magicwuff: Yeah, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this, too. Heck of a good price for this. Upgrading from a 9800 GT, myself, so this should be nice. :)

Oh, and a general side-note, TigerDirect raised their price this afternoon to $219. :/ NewEgg is still $209 after coupon code, though. :)