dealsfree $10 gift card. no gimmicks & no restrictions…


I signed up and they already sent my $10 gift card code. They also sent a personalized link:
"Here is your personalized link to share with friends: " which they suggest you share via tweet, blog, email, or FB. If your friends sign up you get extra "Educents Bucks" ($1 per friend).

I don't know how often they will have things that apply to my grade level or other needs, but I'm looking forward to seeing their site!


Don't bother trying to let your spouse or children or anyone else in your house sign up after you do... they apparently restrict it to one gift card per IP address. Doesn't matter which computer in the house you use, IP will appear as the same to their website.


I just signed up and it seems legit, but it looks like you're going to end up on a mailing list, so be prepared for some spam. I'd recommend using a disposable email addy.

And if you use this link: I'll get an extra $1 in credit. :)


The first 3 comments just sudddenly all appeared within 4 minutes of each other, although the stats on this say it has been clicked 2408 times and launched yesterday evening at 7:45pm? Something ain't right bout them stats, Lucy!


Hi Essemar,

We will never sell email addresses of those that signup for our site. If you do use a disposable email address, you won't get our emails each week that let you know about the great deals we've negotiated. We will only use email addresses to send in-house communications and will NEVER, EVER sell or rent our email list. As consumers ourselves, we hate that and have vowed never to do it.


The Educents Team


Well, they are now open. They have 8 products and the cheapest one is $29. So much for this $10 gift card - it's worthless to me :(


Thanks Karl for your comment. We have new products each week so check back.