dealspirate bandages assorted sizes for $4.00


Shipping is $8.35 (USPS Priority Mail) or $26.80 (USPS Express Mail) and sales tax may be added.


@mikeq: thanks. bummer - hate it when that ruins what seemed reasonable. my boys would have loved these.


Prolly worth it for the tin alone.


Shipping is 2X the product cost. Come on guys, this is USPS for crying out loud. Would have bought $20 worth but $25 to ship...


An object this size and weight can be easily mailed for $2 to $3. I'm a big-spending Wooter, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. I'll be staying away from this "deal" even though the bandages are cool and would have made a great gift for my pirate niece.


@jmidgette: Oooops, sorry. Those weren't quite the same. Here's another option: $4.99 + $4.29 shipping. Not a deal, but a little better then the original that was posted.


I agree these would be better as a filler to get you up to the $25 for free shipping on Amazon. Or for Prime members with booboo's


Wow! Bad Amazon! I clicked that link (I'm a Prime customer) and it showed a price of $9.59!! instead of $4.99. I logged out and clicked your link again, now I see the $4.99 price. So they're charging prime customers the product + shipping + extra!


Available at many places, we even sell them at the Ren Faire. has them too.

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Forget it what a rip off 9 dollars shipping . Thanks for wasting my time.


Can't tatle on this one! Those old pirates don't want to die! Must be they have enough bandages to keep alive forever! So much for improving my reputation....