deals¡dos! [explicit]: green day: mp3 downloads for $5…


Amazon had the same deal for Uno, when it came out. I'm glad they did it again for Dos, I already bought this deal, but didn't think to share it. good job.


Good deal. I preferred Uno! over this one. Hope Tre! is better than Dos!


I'm glad to see that an album dedicated to DOS came out before an album dedicated to Windows; too bad it couldn't have come from a better group (or at least a group that didn't completely and utterly sell out years ago).


I don't know about this album. The later half of it is ok, but as stated Uno! is better.


@lparsons42: I can forgive selling out, but their music has been in such a dive bomb since Shenanigans. Almost every song seems to have the exact same format and they're all about being sad. It got old.

*Disclaimer: I have only listened to about half of Uno and have yet to give Dos a chance.


@brashattack: I am not wiling to forgive green day for their epic sell out. The change that occurred when they changed labels was even more dramatic than with Metallica when they cut their hair.

And then of course when green day managed to get "blvd" playing at saturation level on (at least) 4-5 different genres of radio simultaneously, they showed that they no longer cared about their fans or their roots. That abysmal song was even playing on country stations for a while.


@lparsons42: Couldn’t agree more. Dookie was and probably still is one of the best rock albums of all time. Next 2-3 albums after that were decent, but have been on a downward slide ever since. Everything they’ve put out on and since American Idiot has been completely self-indulgent garbage. Anymore, Green Day = Nickelback.


@mossmanfromheman: I'm surprised to see that there are this many green day fans on deals.woot. I point out that this band is not even remotely true to their origins or their original fan base, and my comments get voted down.

As some might say "meh".