dealslifetime warranty straight razor with leather…


I cut myself with a 3 blade safety razor. I'd probably cut my nose off with one of these razors.

Now you know why I'm not buying one.

If you are considering buying one, you should know that this is a bargain price. A good strop can cost more than this deal.


This is an extremely low quality razor. If you want to start shaving with one of these, buy a Dovo or something.

Not this.


I would think that if you wanted to learn the art of straight-razor shaving, you wouldn't be looking for the cheapest razor available. I can't think of a more pointlessly dangerous way to save a few bucks.


Another option is to use a inexpensive FROMM Shaper razor from Sally beauty supply. It will help with the technique, And another plus is extremely sharp inexpensive disposable blades. I currently use one of those as they work as well as a DOVO shavette IMHO and I don't feel bad if I loose one travelling. Just carefully slide the "guard" off and blammo instant straight razor.,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH


Beware! there are much much better places and better products at better prices elsewhere.