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So this could conceivably called a "LeapFrog?"


Check out the description, WOW!

Description Convenient small size sensors placed on the frog can be placed in front of the shop, when the door to welcoming customers to visit, take the initiative to greet the warm feeling, and gives a strong sense of curiosity and fun. It has a sensor system switch. As long as the switch to "OFF" sensor system to shut down. To switch to "ON", sensing system is turned on, sensing the frog can be used.


works great for security too


Shipping takes forever, ships from China, and their stuff is really cheap. I was not all that impressed with my last order.


I need a rabid version of one of these that I can put by my front door to keep solicitors away!


Have one of these,good item for messing with people or pets by hiding it somewhere The sensor is very sensitive so the least movement will set it off.
I've bought a lot of stuff from Meritline and for the price I have been very happy with most all of it. Best items they carry in my opinion are the Cree flashlights.


@pwknowles: Since I wrote this site upgraded to this:

It has a built-in light sensor, battery operated. When it is "ON", the frog will make a welcoming sound "Ding-dong, hello, welcome!" . You can also record a 12-second custom message by pressing one of the red buttons. when it is in "OFF" mode, the sensor will be off to save battery and the frog will be quiet.


So does it say literally say: "Ding-dong, hello, welcome!" (all words consecutively) or is it pre-programmed to say one of the three phrases? Can I make it say: "Hello, welcome! Ding-Dong" ?