dealsplanar px2710mw 27-inch widescreen flat panel lcd…


Anyone have any experience with this product?


Not specifically, but I've never had an issue with any odd brands I've bought from Dell's website - my Buffalo 1TB external USB3 drive works very well, for example.


we've been slowly migrating over to planar from other, more recognizable brands at work. The planar panels are of excellent quality, and i have had a previous version of their 1080p 27" and it's very good. Just a note - if you're into any sort of design work, heavy graphics, or etc... don't get a 1080p 27" - stick with a 2560 x (1440 or 1600 depending on screen ratio)


@goatcrapp: What's the "etc"? Would this work well for Guild Wars 2?


@wrek: I think he just means design. This will be good for games.


Amazon reviews look good!


I am so tempted to buy one. but in the back of my head i keep thinking. do you really need it? can you survive the semester with out it, and wont the prices drop on black friday.

plus if you buy it here in cali its $245 after tax. :/


@wrek:i meant photo editing, and other precision graphic work - games should be fine :)