dealspowerbag w/ built-in charging system & removable…


I just bought one of the messenger bags off Woot a week or two ago and I LOVE it. It has tons of well padded pockets in all shapes and sizes and comes with 3 different chargers built in along with a usb port if you need to plug in something else. You can charge the battery in or out of the bag. I can't stay enough good things about this bag.

I'm in for at least one more, still pondering on who else might like one as a Christmas present.


Yeah, one of my friends got the messenger and loved it, and his friend saw it and got one, and today he ordered yet another one for yet another friend. I have to say, while it's not my style, it's a very nice bag and seems well made, and of course the charger comes in handy.


If they ever add the BACKPACKS again...I'll be in for one of THOSE! I have the briefcase version of this...not bad. Cheaper than I'd pay for one of these WITHOUT the cool backup battery feature.


these are awesome! just bring your bag charger to your trip and save yourself from bringing any other charger
this can charge multiple devices at the same time