dealsryobi gas handheld leaf blower, vacuum & mulcher…


It’s a great way to annoy your neighbors at the crack-o-dawn on a Sunday, or any day of the week for that matter...

Note, it’s really not that nice; John...


Please be aware that 1saleaday takes an inordinate time to even process your order, much less ship it. I've been waiting for over 2 weeks, and still they haven't shipped mine.

I cannot recommend this company to do business with.


I thought only janitors need this... obviously I was wrong.

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Not a bad deal for the price. Bought mine new at Home Depot for around $100.

I strongly do not recommend this though if you plan on using it more than once or twice a month. I've been through 4 of these since the start of the year, thankfully all replaced at no cost to me. Use mine once a week and something always breaks on it. If it breaks, you can't just bring it back to the store for an exchange. No returns with this site and only items that don't work when received can be returned (within 21 days).


Everything I have bought from them (2 items) did arrive but both had missing parts and they won't correct that. Stay away from them!


Expensive for used & pre broken equipment.


Not sure why others are having trouble with 1SAD. I buy from them as often as EBay or Woot and have had to only return one DOA item. Got a very quick refund as they had no others in stock. I find their shipping and communication is XLNT.