dealstoshiba 8 gb usb 2.0 flash drive - 2 hours only…


Is that a NOSE HAIR TRIMMER??? I'm in for three, bot nostrils and...ummm never mind.


deals.woot is useless for two-hour (or even one-day) deals because of the "popularity" system. By the time the deal becomes popular, the sale is long-over. This deal just made it to the popular list around 4AM PDT, and it expired at 2PM PDT...14 hours too late. And why did people keep voting it up when the deal was already dead?

Sure, you can look through the Fresh deals for these things, but the vast majority of people just look at the popular deals. Seems like there should be a way to indicate that a deal is for a limited time and give it an easier path to the popular section. Either that, or have a way for the post to auto-delete (or at least avoid the move to the popular deals page) when the deal expires.


Yeah - I keep this page open all the time...I did buy one of these yesterday when it was live though.


@cleverett: I strongly disagree that it's useless.... I do check out the fresh tab and want to be alerted to good deals - that's why we're here, right? And, almost by definition, good deals are time-sensitive.

I agree that it's crazy that this deal made it to popular and picked up an additional 11 votes after it expired. I'm sure many of those votes were cast once it hit the popular tab where a lot of people vote without even reading the OP, much less any replies.

On the off chance that anyone reading this is actually interested, the subject of whether it's appropriate to post short-term deals has been discussed on the Ask the Wooters side several times. Here's one such thread: