dealsnovember list of 100 kindle books for $3.99 or…


@forbichoff: Why? It absolutely should be because it's books on sale.


Yeah, I have to say it's the nice deal. Got mine.


I like the reminders every month that there are new Kindle books for sale. I would probably never check otherwise. I don't like that I then buy a ton of them-- my Kindle bookshelf is getting as backlogged as my real bookshelves!


@ohdarjeeling: Join the club. Just like everything that has given me simple access to media - Steam, Netflix, and now Kindle - the cheap and fast capability has buried me in good stuff.


I like the fact that the default picture is of a Chuck Norris book, but I think that may scare plenty a person away.


I'm disappointed. Seven comments so far and not one Chuck Norris joke.