dealsstar trek enterprise pizza cutter for $19.99…


Yep...selling for $29.99. Not the advertised $19.99. I'd get one at the advertised price but not for the extra $10.


I just pulled it up and tried to buy it - shows as $19.99 in cart.


went ther and got $19.99 in price box but $5.83 for shipping. I thought it was free????

vote-for2vote-against all missed the deal earlier this week for the 24k plated version of this earlier in the week for $25 + shipping. :(

I have the silver one...and it's awesome. I'd still recommend buying it for any trekker.


This is perfect for my star trek son!


I just bought this for $19.99 and added a R2D2 talking bank and got 25% off and free shipping.