dealssylvania musiclites speaker led lights - choose…


I'll start by saying that this is actually a good deal for this product, the individual speakers sell on amazon for $125 plus the transmitter which runs for about $25 for usb and for some reason the apple transmitters are selling from third parties for around $112 (this seems absurd to me).

I personally feel that these are a cool Idea but are ultimately a novelty item and aren't worth their cost. A nice set of 2 or 2.1 channel computer speakers that will far outperform these can be had for much less and really are not that hard to find a spot for.


This is NOT a good deal. I often see 1saleaday sell one light for $80 (or $160 for two -- and you get two transmitters).


$180? Are these made by Bose and filled with gold?


Yeah these have been as cheap as $65 shipped for 1 light and 1 transmitter at 1saleaday. they are novel, I bought 4 at that price (to be completely honest thought I was getting 8 and was a little PO'd). They are simple enough to use and the sound is good for areas of your home that don't otherwise have a means to play some music.