dealscraftsman electric trimmer 12 in. 4 amps for $19…


Is this back-hair compatible?


I have one of these. I dont use the spools. I just use a 14" long piece. The spools kind of suck and cost about as much as a whole roll of line.

Don't exeed the line size or you risk burning up the motor.

Works fine for me. Saves me from keeping a gas can for it and cuts whatever I need it to the half a dozen times a year I may use it.


@johnt007871: how can you use a 14" piece of line? you tie the line to the spool? What happens when the tip breaks off and you need to extend it?


Says it's $29.99 now - still not a bad deal considering I purchased a Black and Decker one that's about the same last week for double that cost!!


@lwang: I cut several and have them in my pocket. (and I guessed on 14", its approx)

It takes 3 or so to do the front and back yard each. I have a driveway, curbside, walk to front door, around the AC, flower beds in the back, along the chain link fence, etc. I also don't use the plastic guard thing that cuts the spool off... and wear shorts. Maybe my advice isn't the best. :)