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Also available for the same price at BestBuy.

Just to add, I have both Chromecast and the new Roku Stick. IMO, Chromecast is extremely limited with apps and functionality compared to the Roku Stick. Roku is $20 more and well worth it. Roku even comes with an app/channel changing remote.


@endustry: But, Chromecast is new, And Newly Open Sourced. Apps Will Soon Be Pouring In


@smallpau1: Not really new, I've had mine since July of last year. Open source with lots of restrictions, only about a dozen apps. In fact, my smart TV blows away my chromecast as far as apps go.

Not trying to debate, just pass along some info for those who are not familiar with what Chromecast offers.

Here are the current apps available for chromecast:

Also, here is a Lifehacker article which compares the benefits of each:

Also to add, Roku supports Amazon Prime Instant while Chromecast does not.


Well, the sdk was only just released beginning of February. Gotta give devs some time to work with the new api's.


I love my Chromecast. The main use I have for it is HBOGO. Comcast XFINITY doesn't allow HBOGO on Roku (or other streamers, I think). If you have HBO and Comcast is your company, I recommend Chromecast. Plus, they will be adding Amazon Prime before too long, as well as many others.

FYI, I also have a Roku 3, which has ESPN and Amazon. This pairing of devices was well worth the $100 I spent on the pair.


I fully believe the potential in Chromecast out weights the potential of say a Roku device given the finacial backing of Google. That being said that potential will only come to life if Google seeks after it. The Chromecast does support double the amount of services that it had initially at launch however the only real exciting edition is HBO GO (something Roku does not offer).

Chromecast is missing basic support from channels like the CBS app and other such things, however if you have a laptop or PC nearby you can easily broadcast from that to the Chromecast. With that in mind the limits of the Chromecast are whatever you have access to on your PC.

In the end I believe Chromecast to still be the better buy as long as you have readily access to a PC, tablet, or laptop. If you're looking for a more basic solution for someone that doesn't have lots of toys than the Roku probably is the better choice.


@blindbocephus: HBOGO is absolutely available on Roku.


@azagthoth: Apparently from what I gather people say if they have Comcast they somehow can't stream HBO GO via Roku (Personally I have no clue, shame on me for using others info.)


I've loved my Chromecast so far. It doesn't have the apps that are available on the Roku, but all I want it for is Netflix, Youtube, Plex, and tab casting. HBOGO was nice when I was still paying for TV. Once they've got the Twitch App working, it'll be perfect for me. The integration with the apps on my phone is VERY easy to configure and use -- my wife is slow to come around to new tech, and she had it down in no time. It replaced my PS3 as my go-to streaming device.


@azagthoth: while HBOGO is available on the roku, if you have Comcast as your cable provider, it's a useless app. Comcast does not allow you to sign in via the roku. Chromecast, however, it does work on. Source- personal experience; I have Comcast and a roku, and just recently purchased a chromecast device.


Make sure that your router is compatible with Chromecast before purchasing. I cannot get Chromecast to connect to my ASUS RT-N13U. You can find the list of supported routers here:


I like it, it's simple to use and does what I need of it. More apps would be nice I'm sure they're in the pipeline.

Yes $100 media player is better, yes your $1000 tv will be better, yes your $2000 Apple MacBook Pro will be better.

This is $30.


Many video's I watch on my smart phone, youtube, Chrome, or from a app support connecting to my Vizio TV or my WD Live TV hub with just a press of a button when the video is playing.

This is what the Chromecast does... but yet my 2yr old WD Live, and 1yr old Vizio does it already.

Don't need a 3rd option, so won't ever get a chromecast


"Also to add, Roku supports Amazon Prime Instant while Chromecast does not."

...and I'd be surprised if they do. Amazon hasn't committed to it as far as I know, and I'd imagine they're going to leverage Chromecast's lack of Amazon Prime to sell their own Amazon Fire device. Roku lucked out that they were the first and Amazon wasn't trying to compete with them at the time. Tough break for Google.


I keep seeing comments about the limitation of apps for Chromecast. If you need a specific "app" to make your life complete with Chromecast then I suppose there are limitations. BUT, the fact is, if you can watch ANYTHING on your computer, tablet or Android phone you can cast it to Chromecast by adding the Google Cast extension to your Chrome Browser. I couldn't be happier with mine.


RIP? Or do I need a code? Site says $33.99 with $6.29 shipping.


@fleamarketadict: go to more buying choices on the right panel, and the first entry is the $29.99+free prime. this seller ( was removed from the featured list because they are currently sold out. they are still honoring the price though.