dealsmitsubishi c series 73-inch wd-73c12 1080p dlp…


wow, I guess because it's a DLP the price is so low. still looks like an awesome tv, anyone have $1000 bucks for me?????


It seems that DLP has fallen out of favor. I have the 65" DLP set, and here are my notes:
1. DLP Rainbows are almost not noticeable (white text on black background being the exception).
2. For some reason, the 3D is "more real" than with a LCD TV. No idea why... this was my take from equal sized LG LCD and Mitsubishi TV's

The bad parts:
3. 3D has to come in an odd "checkerboard" -- I got a panasonic blu ray that outputs it, but otherwise it's a $300 "converter box" adder to get 3d.
4. This seriously lacks inputs. You only get 2 or 3 HDMI and that's it. You can't arbitrarily name them either.
5. It's not friendly with every input format -- my Tivo wouldn't do 1080i (though my DVD will -- so I think it's a tivo problem).
6. 3D / not 3D is not detected based on the signal; you turn it off manually or everything gets red boosted.
7. 3D is not allowed on every input.
8. When the TV's off, the audio passthru doesn't die all the way.


As for your 3d observation (vs LCD) - doesn't the DLP have a significantly higher refresh rate than LCD? That is a big part of why plasma is vastly superior for 3D than LCD (though LED is catching up).


Well, first off this one is NOT 3D, the 3D model is $1400!!

Second, it is a 200+ watt dinosaur that uses a light bulb (rear projection) and weighs 100 pounds, and can't be hung on a wall !!

Third, go on craigslist and you'll find these all day long for cheap, I've seen some folks givin them away if you have a way to haul em as they upgrade to an LCD/LED !!

Better stock up on bulbs if you get this as they will be obsolete before long !!


I currently own 2 DLP- Mitsubishi WD 65 and 73 inch - both are 3D and bought both in 2008. I had to replace my first bulb on the 73 in my living room this week. This cost me $39 including shipping on Amazon for the bulb and housing.
Turn off the lights and feel like your at the movies!!
I also own a 50 inch Plasma and 55 inch LCD.
The family loves the Mitsubishi 73 DLP in the living room the best.