dealstomtom via 1500 5-inch portable gps navigator for…


I have a tomtom via 1435tm that I bought about a year ago for double the price of this and I absolutely love it. That's coming from someone who used to hate GPS.

Keep in mind though that this particular model doesn't seem to be the version that comes with free map updates, so it's going to be about 50 bucks when you want them (first one's always free, but after that) which somewhat limits the useful life.


yesterday walmart was having the tomtom 50m for $70 with life map update. only $10 more and u get life time map.


@ttm77: Was that price good only yesterday or you saw it yesterday? I used my TomTom a lot visiting family in Austin this past weekend, but it's about 6 years old and it way out of date and the old kind that didn't say street names so it was not as useful as it could have been. I'd like to get a more up-to-date one, and lifetime map updates would be very useful. It looks like it's $79 on the website.


Sulu was the piolt. Chekov was the navigator man..... You bring shame to us geeks for that gaff.


@moondrake: i checked again just now...sad to say only yesterday and I saw it yesterday too.

I'm waiting for a good deal on 5" and life traffic and map. And I don't like TomTom much cause they sell data to states to put speed cameras. Again, rob you for your own good.


I am keeping my eyes open as well. In addition to the features you are looking for, I would also like the bluetooth connection for hands-free phone use. I found a good looking refurb TomTom on for $80 that has all this, but the reviews say that the lifetime maps is a false advertisement, Tomtom doesn't honor map updates for refurbs. My own experience with them agrees with that, I bought a refurb once that had the maps erased and TomTom wouldn't let me download any so I had to return it. Similar situation with Garmin refurbs according to the reviewers. These GPS vendors are losing a lot of sales by being jerks about map updates.


LIES!!! No way will Tom Tom tell you how to get to the Newark Airport. Either you are already familiar with the exits, or you are destined to loop around the airport two or three times.


Overrunz now has this deal marked as "sold out"