dealscraftsman programmable digital tire gauge for $10…


It is now out of stock for delivery. Also, 3 out of the 4 stores in my area where it is available for pick up have it at $26.99


I got one of these for Christmas last year...have yet to use it, but in theory it does seem really nice, especially with the built-in flashlight.


Ordered one for in-store pickup at the sale price... in Parsippany, NJ.


shipping is NOT free - ..... Kmart only offers free shipping on orders of $49.99 or more ...... or you can pick up in store for free - but as others have found - no stores within 50 miles with stock - who would spend that much on gas anyways.


I just ordered it with free 2 day shipping and there isn't a K-Mart anywhere near me.

@green_jeeps_rule: At the very top of the page they say "FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders, no minimum purchase required"


At the top of my screen it reads "FREE SHIPPING on orders of $59 or more" and when I add it to the cart and go to the checkout screen there's a $5.99 shipping charge.


I can't get the stupid web site to work. I get it into the cart, go to checkout and the site freaks out and either says the server is unavailable (Firefox) or it just hangs (IE). I'[m getting really tired of this kind of cr@p happening with Sears/Kmart sites.