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This is probably one of the worst routers I've ever owned. I had actually gotten this to replace my old malfunctioning router. I fought with it for about a week before returning it to the Target. Turns out my old router worked better than this particular Belkin router. The Belkin Play N600, on the other hand, is a fabulous router. I'm a penny pincher, but sometimes the saying of you get what you pay for does ring true.


i agree with the previous posters. this is finicky at best and does NOT play well with Apple products. My house has 2 PC laptops, 1 PC desktop, 3 android devices, 1 Macbook and 1 iPod Touch. The PC's usually didn't have too much of a problem but the router needed to be reset for any Apply product to have a consistent connection and even then it went through some rough patches.

Works in a pinch, avoid if possible.


I've got the Share version with the two USB ports. One went bad and when I called Belkin for a replacement they sent two, so now I have a spare. It is finicky sometimes but so is my Comcast internet connection so it's sometimes hard to tell who to blame. I didn't know about the "worse with Apple products" thing, and I do have some. It seems to work a lot better since I installed Tomato on it, so YMMV with that.