dealssmart fertile light for $3.99


referring to just this will kill a lot of plants, as different species have different watering needs.


@luke975: True, and I guess I should have included that personal note in my post. I would hope that folks who have a cactus, for example, would know that you WANT the light to hover in the yellow to red range, while ferns probably require a green or even a blue light, depending on the variety. Still, this could be very helpful in avoiding the need to stick your fingers deep into the soil to see how moist it is. And for those of us who forget to water at all, that flashing light just MIGHT get our attention!


@belyndag: lol thats true, but you shouldn't need to include the fact that different plants need different amounts of water in your post.
I do like your idea that just seeing what color the light is will help someone know when it's time to water, like waiting till the light gets to yellow to water.


@luke975: In my college days I left my prized jade plant with my future MIL to tend while I went home for Christmas. She wanted to take extra good care of it so she watered it DAILY!

I still miss that plant. (sniff sniff)


@belyndag: Tell her that you abuse her child regularly because of it.