dealsbear naked cereal sample from target for $0.00


If it's free, it's for me. :) Thanks for posting this.


The site is down. Too many Wooters?


I've been trying to order for over 30 minutes using two different browsers. IE finally got me as far as entering the captcha FOUR times, then cycles back to the first screen. Wooters must really want this stuff!


i had some yesterday at the warrior dash in ohio and its pretty good stuff.


@freshsta42: I too had some at the Warrior Dash in Ohio yesterday, and it was tasty, but we found that you needed to have something to drink with it, as it seemed to suck the saliva right out of your mouth, kinda like too many saltine crackers.


Managed to snag this deal at 7 am EST without any delays. Maybe the flood of wooters is receding.