dealskfc - kentucky fried chicken - $3 off a 12-piece…


How much is one of these meals regularly?


@bobfollower: How much does a coronary bypass run these days? ;)


I would love to use a coupon at KFC BUT... whenever I go to either one that is close to me they never have any chicken. The last 10 times they tell me it'll be at least 20 more minutes. I quit trying to eat at KFC... just a waste of time going there when I know they won't have any chicken, anyway.


Call ahead before you leave.


Pass on this recycled seagull meat


I wonder if you can use this on the 12-piece combo deals they often advertise, i.e. 12 piece chicken, 2 sides, biscuits and free napkins.


It's actually a pretty good deal because it includes 3 large sides, 6 biscuits and free napkins. The question is how much the base price is. The ad also indicates that their pot pie is on sale for $3.99.


@stark: I think you're just talking about 12 pieces of chicken. This coupon is for the meal, which includes 3 large sides, 6 biscuits and flimsy disposable styrofoam containers for the sides, including lids. I'm pretty sure the Meal is more than $10, maybe around $16-$18.


@uskrewed: You get the option of Regular, Extra Crispy or Grilled. Their grilled chicken is actually very healthy because there is no loose fat or skin, and very little oil used in cooking. I think it even got raves from Consumer Reports, although they were concerned about the sodium. One piece of the chicken sliced in a salad is actually a pretty healthy meal.