dealsbatman: arkham city - playstation 3 or xbox 360…


Sweet, many thanks for the find. Link is still sending me to PS3 version but a quick search on their site will find the 360 copy and and still 30 bucks free ship. Good Find.


Already sold out for 360 :(


Just so you all know, Amazon will be having a lightning deal on it tonight at 11:15 EST.


Wal-Mart is also going to have it for $28 at 10PM local time. This sale is not (yet) available on the website, but there's an interesting wrinkle in that Amazon has been selling Arkham City with Asylum packed in for some time. I do not know if the sale game will include the pack-in, but I will definitely try for it.


I ordered mine yesterday as soon as this deal went live, and it's already on backorder for at least 2 weeks. Frustrating, but still a great deal.