dealsmonopoly - revolution edition - for $14.98


When I saw revolution I thought it went from a capitalist game to a socialist game.
In this version if you win you loose your head!!!


I wanted it but im not too keen on the electronic money system- any details on how it works from someone who has the game??


Items that are clearance online are often regular price in the store. Shipping is not free until after $100 dollars. I paid $15 at my local Target for this.


@angelbabi523: It uses a brail type system on each card, not magnetic reading. When the card is inserted into the machine, it activates a combination of switches to recognize players 1-6. You control the amount of $ per transaction, the computer only stores balances.


@caffeine_dude: Da, comrade_dude.

It makes sense if we realize the difference between communism and capitalism:

Under a capitalist system, Man exploits his fellow man. Under communism, it's the other way around.


@caffeine_dude: it's 'LOSE' not 'LOOSE'

i.e. you can LOSE your head and then it might be rolling around LOOSE on the floor


It's incredibly sad that kids can't even play a board game anymore without eye-popping visuals and engaging sound effects. I know I sound like my grandfather, but it's true.


I will say I enjoy the punched "credit card" feature. Makes keeping track of the money much easier.