dealsblack white folding shaving straight razor…


Hey, now I can go on that killing spree!


Use coupon code WOOT for an additional 5% off entire order (in addition to other specials).


One day, I'll pick up one of these deals. I've wanted to try shaving with one of these.

Anyone here actually shave with one regularly?


@kmeltzer , I would stay away from one of these cheap straight razors. They tend to be of low quality, and you'll tend to get an even worse shave than normal. I would recommend going to a consignment store, or an antique shop and getting a classic one for cheap. Those will last a lifetime once you hone them back down.

Alternatively, you can go to a beauty supply store and pick up a disposable one for cheap. (Used in barbershops as a cheap throw-away hygienic solution.)