dealslifetime 5 ft. rectangle fold in half folding…


Can't you get this same table for 1/2 the price at Walmart/Target/Kmart? Sure looks like the one I just bought a week ago @ Target for like $30 or less.


@etfrisco: No. This is made by Lifetime in the United States, at a quality that a $30 folding table would not match. I checked the prices on this and Home Depot has it for $79.95 and no one else has it for much below that.

Price alone does not mean "value", value comes with good quality at a price that is above that quality.

At least that's my way of shopping. I don't buy things just because it's cheap; in fact, I hardly buy anything that does not meet a certain level of quality.


Both Wayfair & Walmart carry several different Lifetime Fold-in-Half tables from 4 feet ($46.90+ tax) on up, including rectangular, square and round shapes. The 8 footer runs for around $107 with free ship-to-store/customer pick up if one orders through $60 is a decent deal on the 5 foot size.
These tables are much more sturdy & stable than the store brand versions one might find at Target, Sears, etc.


@zippy the pinhead: Not many people have Sam's Club membership, though.

I personally would never join Sam's since it's Walmart and I abhor the way they treat their employees and drain local municipal and Federal resources. Even if it's less money, I would never shop there, with my conscience intact.

Costco, however, I have no issue with. That's an ethical and people-centric company.


@lll0228: You have to be kidding,right?.


@jmbunkin: Could you kindly elaborate? I was not kidding.