dealspoetic edda lays of the gods book for $0.99…


@carlcampbelljr: Interesting. I'm curious as to whether you get any sales on this very obscure item. Please post back in a few days, if you see any traffic on Amazon that seems to be related to this.

I voted your deal up, and am curious as to whether something this obscure will be purchased via a posting on Deals dot woot.

Good luck.


Thanks, I appreciate the vote. This is was more of a labor of love then a making money thing.


@shrdlu Well I have something. I just pulled sales records. And in the previous month I have sold 8 copies of the lays of the gods and 3 of the lays of the hero's. With that informal posting it would indicate that there was a increase of 5 units sold due to the posting here however I dont have any way to prove that. Just that it sold 5 more copies over the same period as volume 2 the month before sales were pretty much equal with about 1-2 copies sold.


it got 15 clicks so that is what a 33% conversion rate if the increase in sales is from here.


@carlcampbelljr: That's really a good comparison. I'm glad that this showed some activity for you. Thanks very much for coming back with the comments. I really appreciate it, and have found it interesting.