dealsbuy 2, get 1 for $1 on used books, cds, movies…


I've been having great times with GoHastings recently - but I would recommend waiting for one of their 30% off + free shipping items... saves a LOT more money on cheaper (sub $10) items.


I just ordered 13 books (all hard cover) from them. I used the code "FALLFEST" and got every third book for a $1. Also they only charged me $.96 to ship my whole order. As long as you just order books the shipping $.96.


this sucks :( i am an international buyer and they dont accept other payments but US CC's :(


I just tried to order 9 books but they would only honor one $1.00 book on the entire order so watch your order carefully


@lordseiya: I haven't gone and looked over the website yet, but if they allow shipping to a name & address other than the billing, I'm in the US, so if you want to Paypal me the money and I will place your order on my credit card.

\Wow, as soon as I finished typing that I realized what a scam that sounds like!

I'm an ebay seller so if your order isn't too much, I'll order what you want, have it sent to myself and put the entire order up on ebay as a single listing with bidding being closed to everyone but you.


Wait---that will negate their cheap shipping and shipping overseas is really expensive, especially for something as heavy as books, so maybe that was a dumb offer after all. (But then it's almost 2 am here so I'm claiming that as my excuse!)