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Simply wonderful! Thank you so much for finding this deal!


@gmwhit: Just stumbled on it! We don't have a Needless Markup down here, and I have limited need for gloves, but I am eyeing these and thinking about how soft they must be. Hmmm. Maybe I DO need gloves! What color are you going for? Black or oatmeal would be the most practical, but thet raspberry and eggplant ones are calling my name. Hmmmm. Gifts? Order several and keep the ones for myself that I like best? Decisions, decisions....


@belyndag: Ha! I live in Central FL. Do I need gloves? ::sigh:: Actually I do...on occasion here when it gets cold. But, I really need them for travelling. Got the blue, red & an oatmeal (beige?) color. Wanted the charcoal; they were out of that color. I regrouped immediately. ;-) May gift a pair or 2. May not. Thought about the eggplant...

I am a sucker for cashmere. Have found sweaters at K-Mart. <----NOT kidding. They're fairly nice, too. Wore them in Italy & got raves. Who knew? (Haven't looked this year.)

Again, I thank you! Am now a member of Neiman's. And K-Mart. :-/


Hate to go off topic but anyone else see a "Two by two, hands of blue" reference here? Brown coats FTW as an aside. :)


Excellent find, especially with xmas coming. Thanks!


What a great deal.. just ordered 2 pairs.
Thanks for posting!


Its Entire site 40% and i am getting it around $21 . what to do to make it 50%, Am i missing anything.


If you plan to use these anywhere in public (ahem), use them as glove liners with thin leather driving gloves over top. Cashmere is marvelous stuff BUT it isn't very durable.


@gmwhit: Best inexpensive "house brand" cashmere sweater I have is from, of all places, Sam's Club. Quality construction, quality yarn, fits well, and I only paid $15 for it. I have some Neiman-Marcus sweaters found at thrifts, also excellent quality but since the MSRP was $100+ I wouldn't have bought them new.