dealslord of the rings trilogy [blu-ray] for $24.98…


Aww man, the theatrical version? That's a bummer.


@studerc: Thanks, won't be getting it. Some people don't care though, so it still gets a +1 from me.


@studerc @jago: I posted a deal yesterday for the extended version with all the extra bells and whistles for $55.78 with free shipping:


@moondrake: I did see that, unfortunately its been at that price on the wbshop for a long while now, I'm holding out. You could however use the code found on @lichme 's deal to get it $10 cheaper.


@studerc: Ah, I wasn't aware of that. I found it through the sale ad they emailed me. I was hoping to find some TV series I'd like to collect but no luck this year. The stuff I want is not on sale...yet. What I need is a sale from AMC and Fox. A lot of stuff I'd really like to get is out of print and more expensive than new stuff when you can find it.


For reference, the theatrical versions of the Lord of the Rings movies are considered the definitive versions by Peter Jackson.

"The theatrical versions are the definitive versions. I regard the extended cuts as being a novelty for the fans that really want to see the extra material."


I got this version for $10 last Black Friday. I don't see why that wouldn't be possible this year. Also Black Friday is like a week and a half away.


Definitely a good deal, but regardless of what is considered the "definitive version" I would much rather have the extended edition.


@vidguy17: is this limited to in store or will the deal be available online too?