dealsserenity (blu-ray + standard dvd + digital copy…


My local Wal-Mart has this BD for $7.88. Might be worth it to check and see if yours does too.


i am not understanding why this movie gets posted on here every few days


@mandklewis: 2 words for ya: Reputation. Builder. This puppy knocked me into the top 5 one week, all by itself! :0)


@bund9032: i see it always gets voted up, i just didn't know if there was a special reason. glad there's so many fans of the movie i guess. i'm sure joss's self-esteem goes up everytime he checks woot deals.


@mandklewis: It's the movie that ties everything together from the series that was cancelled too soon so it became a "cult classic." If you don't already own it (or one of your kids destroyed it) this is a great buy.


Browncoats have good taste, that's why these posts get upvoted. :)


terrible film and tv show.


The DVD, for those that prefer it, are in the $5 bin
Firefly the complete series on dvd is $12.96

Me... I keep the series and the movie permanently in my netflix queue :)


@marvelljones: It's not really a great deal. It is exactly 4 cents cheaper than the normal price on amazon. If you don't need the digital copy, you can get it for 8.50 on blu ray again from amazon.

Great movie? Absolutely. Great deal? Not even close.